For my Show Reel I wanted to showcase my videography skills but as well as my editing skills.  I feel like these are some of my top shots but wanted to make sure and bring some energy to the video that would want to make you continue watching instead of just a clip after clip reel.

Getting to go shoot at the Valero Alamo Bowl has been a highlight of mine the past three years. Filming a game is all about being in the right spot and luckily was able to do that for many of the big plays that happened between Oklahoma and Oregon.

This was a hype video for "Family Day" at SWOSU where each student gets two free tickets to bring family to the game.  To go along with what the theme of the year had been for the team and the theme of that specific game this was created.  The script was written by me and asked our starting quarterback to voice record it. It did well on social media and felt it completed the goal of forming a bond around the game for not only players but for the fanbase as a whole.


"Return To The Gridiron" was an idea I had to showcase our football team through a docuseries that covered fall camp up to the first game. Because of the pandemic Division 2 football did not have a 2020 season.  Stepping out onto the field for the 2021 season would be the first time our players would have played in over two years and some even longer.  I wanted to highlight our players and coaches on the field but also what their lives looked like off of it. Ep. 1 introduces the concept with the beginning of fall camp. Ep. 2 focuses on coaches. Ep. 3 focuses on a handful of our athletes while episode 4 was made for pure energy and excitement that had been building around the team throughout the last three weeks.

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